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Reading is a vital skill for every one, but especially for young kids. The 500 Books Before Middle School program is a free and exciting way to encourage your young child to read, and set them up for success! Join our 500 Books Before Middle School Graduation Beanstack Challenge to get started! Not sure how to join Beanstack? Visit here to sign up, see the benefits, and why we love it! 


Any child in kindergarten to third grade can participate. Just follow these steps:

  1. Register
    1. Visit the Beanstack website or download the Beanstack app, search for the Montpelier Public Library, and sign yourself and your child up as readers! Have your child join the 500 Books Before Middle School challenge, and start logging books! For more information on Beanstack, visit our Beanstack page, or stop into the library for help! 
  2. Track Your Reading: Log books online through Beanstack! 
  3. Every Book Counts: Log every book you read! 
  4. Book Milestones: Each time you complete a milestone, you will earn a book badge! Pay attention to Beanstack notifications, as there are prizes you earn along the way!